An Overview of Facebook new design 2020.

The ruling social media in the current era is Facebook. In early-stage or we can say when Facebook become the social media website it has a very ugly design as compared with modern designs but from that time people start liking it because it was about people where people enjoy to connect with friends and make new friends.

In early Facebook looks like:

In early days Facebook was theFacebook later on it was changed to Facebook. You can see how the design was bad on that time, but it becomes popular and within the time the team grew and the Facebook website was getting more time as per the early days. People start working with new features and functionalities.

Here is the Facebook designed of profile in 2010:

The 2010 design of Facebook was much better than the early design, it seemed that Facebook was on track to a perfect design. With the passage of time the place of Notification, Messages, Profile drop-down on Facebook changed also added more functionalities in it for making Facebook user-friendly.

Here is the Facebook design of 2020:

Its yet in beta version for desktops but Facebook announced that they will launch the new design within Spring 2020.

The Facebook new design 2020 has some new features like:

  • Facebook’s new design theme changing into dark or light.
  • Facebook’s new design changed the layouts:
    • Feeds layout.
    • Group layout
    • Page layout
    • Profile layout

There will be more features and functionalities to add when the new design completely launched.

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