How to completely secure your Facebook account?

There are billions of social media active users we can find them the social media websites and apps like Twitter Facebook, Instagram and most users all over the World using Whatsapp or Telegram (Vshgap is using the API of Telegram) for sharing their documents and pictures also in WhatsApp they add group video calling functionality from past year.

Today we are sharing six tips from that you can secure your Facebook account as per their own security staff.

  1. Protect your Account password:
    1. Make sure you have followed the privacy as per facebook guidelines.
    2. Do not even write your password in a notebook or in a document.
    3. Use symbols and numbers with your password. e.g (ItB@loCh29@#5_2&*)
    4. Most important do not even create a password which matches with your name.
  2. Use Facebook extra security features:
    • In this section, you can use the given security features by facebook such as:
      1. Where You’re Logged In.
        • Check your logged-in status from where and on which devices you were logged in.
      2. App Passwords.
        • If you are using facebook app then make sure to connect two-factor authentication.
      3. Login Approvals.
        • Give approval of login through a Phone call, SMS or with your Facebook Mobile App
      4. Login Notifications.
        • Turn on the logged-in notification with your given Email and mobile number.
      5. One-Time Passwords.
      6. Trusted Contacts.


        • Make 3 contacts as your trusted contacts that in case of any misused you can verify security code from those to change your password and get back your profile.
      7. Mobile Security:
        • The most important turn on your facebook application on mobile as well as the notifications in-app, also verify your account with your own number.
  3. Make sure your email account(s) are secure:

    • If Even your E-mail is not secured than a fraud can easily access your account through E-mail. Choose emails security as per their instructions.
  4. Log out of Facebook when you use a computer you share with other people. If you forget, you can log out remotely.

    • You have to log out from a PC that is shared with multi-users (e.g from a Net cafe of from Home or Office computer).
  5. Run anti-virus software on your computer: (Not recommended in most the cases)

    • You can run an antivirus on your PC but as per recommended antiviruses software from the operating system support.
  6. Think before you click or download anything:

    • Before Downloading a video or a given link make sure the link is secure. In case you are not sure do not click it.
    • You can copy the given URL (the document link eg: for download then open it on your mobile browser, but make sure you have not opened the facebook from that browser.
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