Is there scope if I do my education in IT?

Mostly there is a common question around us asked by newly enrolled or want to be enrolled students that “Is there scope in this field?“. Anyhow not just in IT(Information Technology), also this question is often asked in every field by young students. There is just a simple answer that “If you have interest in a field than there is always scope in that“, because if you show interest than you can learn and that learning builds your scope itself.

Related to this filed rather its Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecom, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering etc, it’s up to you whether in which path you want to build your career within which path of this field that glue up with your interest at the best.

There are two general questions which you have to answer by yourselves before jumping to any field.

  • Your Cognition:  It’s the most important factor in choosing a path that leads you to your career. Cognition means that what’s the mental activities that let you get knowledge, so everyone know better about their interest and learning.
  • Think With your own Thought: When we passed the higher secondary(12 Years of education) and want to enroll ourselves within an institution than people start suggesting to choose this field, that field, mostly our family members compels us to follow a particular path for our career, but the point is that what’s your own choice,  it really matter so you must think with your own thoughts and review your interests. Then go for that no matter what relative or family members suggest you to choose (Listen to all but do what you want).


Another stigma in our society is that we mostly go for our career at the university level but we should create our path before this age because it takes time to shape it perfectly and many of us fail to work with its aesthetic. We have to let our younger’s to choose their path before they stand in front of every department to know its scope, also let their interest be their scope, not their failure.

Thanks to: Zubair Latif and Habib Essa

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