How do I start to become master in Programming?

People move with their interest and needs, whenever they meet with what they desire then they stop pursuing others, but there is a life about which you may have heard, “Life of a Programmer.” In this life you can never stop pursuing because to become master in programming you have to achieve the goals which are there and some of them still pending to come to you.

Since last week, I am facing with such questions that “How do I start to become master in Programming? From where should I start to do programming? Which language should I use to do programming? Should I start with Java, JSP (Java Server Pages),Asp.Net,C# (C Sharp), python or PHP?“. These are some basic questions in programming that newly born programmers ask. It’s good to ask because it’s a step to move ahead.

A desire that let you to be what is inside you and you work ahead to accomplish it, but here in programming mostly desire dies, because of less patience. Before you start programming, you have to clear your mind that patience is must because in programming, a simple problem may take hours to be solved and it takes months to reach the destination. If you are clear from here, then let’s move ahead. You can start with any platform which is easy for you or you can understand it. You can start with Java or C# for building Softwares, or for a website you can go through PHP. Some of new born still get confused that which language to choose to start with. Here another question arises that on which way you want to achieve your goal, Is it on Desktop side, Mobile side or Web Side, because there are many of languages further divided with frameworks and have libraries which help you to sort it out, Like that if you want to go for Desktop App and Softwares (For Windows) you can choose JAVA or C# because both have helpful features and for Mac OS you can switch to Objective-C, or if you want to go for Mobile Applications than for Android you have to start with Java as with android syntax in Android studio or Eclipse (tools) and for IOS (iPhone) development you can use Swift with Xcode (tool).

Finally, the most people asked me that what about website backend language we should go for, as I mostly play with PHP for websites, but it’s up to you, you can use whichever you want, you can go for ASP.Net or JSP. Mostly for website new developer start with php and then move ahead and can switch to ASP or JSP. The important point is that there is only syntax difference in every language because overall concept is same as for all others, and another thing new programmers might have heard or listened to or may be read out now is .NET (Dot Net) so I want to clear that it’s a Framework which you can use with C# or ASP (Active Server Pages ASP).

Oh! One of the most important thing I forgot to share with you people, it’s the Database. Mostly people use SQL and Oracle. Mostly with websites we use MYSQL  (or main site),for desktop softwares SQL SERVER, and for mobile applications we can use SQLITE. Mostly companies use Oracle but large companies  recommend SQL SERVER

Hope the new born Programmers find this article helpful.

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